Home Visiting Services FAQ

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How will Home Visiting benefit me and my child?
  1. You feel valued and supported as your child’s primary caregiver.
  2. You work in partnership with your child’s health care provider.
  3. Your baby has a healthy birth weight.
  4. Your baby has excellent or very good health.
  5. You are supported to increase breast feeding.
  6. Your baby meets his/her developmental milestones.
How much do these services cost?

These services are completely free of charge. The value of these services is $4,500 but are paid in full from our endowment.

How will it open opportunities?

When your child participates in Home Visiting they get a strong start from the beginning. Ninety percent (90%) of your child’s brain develops in the first five years of life, these few precious years are crucial for setting your child up for a life of success. What happens during these years lays a foundation for the rest of your child’s life. When they reach their developmental milestones as a baby, there is a greater chance that he/she will reach kindergarten ready to learn, will be reading at grade level in the 3rd grade, will graduate from high school and lead a happy and healthy life.

What does it look like week to week?

Each week the Home Visitor will meet with you either at your home or the most convenient place for your family with a curriculum of health and well-being. During the pre-natal months, the Home Visitor helps ensure that mom is getting all of her pre-natal health care necessary for healthy development and helps prepare mom for the delivery. Once your baby is born, Home Visitor will visit your family on a weekly basis as you adjust to having a new baby in the home. Your family can get specialized help with breastfeeding. From week to week the Home Visitor comes in with a different piece of curriculum to help ensure that you are as prepared as possible with the tools needed to support your baby’s development. Periodically the Home Visitor monitors the progress to milestones, and if there is a developmental delay of concern the Home Visitor will bring activity ideas to work on this area. If it persists, then early intervention services can be arranged. You are the most important teacher of your child and Home Visiting helps ensure that you have all the tools you need to fill this role.

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